Shipping Your Firearm (s)

Shipping a Firearm shouldn't have to be a difficult task and at Alaska Custom Firearms we make it easy for you! Read on below to find the best method to ship your firearm (s) and should you have any additional questions, contact Kat at the shop and she will help you out!

Q. Can you help me transfer a firearm I purchased elsewhere? 

         a. Absolutely! Once you finish your transaction with your seller, they will require you to find a dealer to send your item to. We can be that dealer! Have them give us a call, or you can give us a call with their contact information and we will send them the required paperwork to get your item(s) sent on their way. Please ensure your dealer or seller follows the below instructions : Affix an envelope to the outside of the shipping carton with a copy of their license and your contact information inside. This way we know what we are receiving, without this information we are forced to return the package to where it came from! Upon receipt of your item we will contact you. Our transfer fee is $30 for one firearm, or $50 for multiples arriving at the same time. 

Q. I am moving to Alaska and need to ship my guns to myself, how can I do that?

        a. No problem. Despite what you may have heard, you do  NOT need a dealer on your end to get your guns up here safely and hassle free. You simply need to notify your carrier (Fed Ex or UPS for handguns & long guns or USPS for long guns only) that you are shipping firearms to a firearms dealer in Alaska. We will gladly fax or email them a copy of our Federal Firearms License for your shipment. When shipping your personal firearms to us, please ensure that your shipping label is labeled as such:

                                       FROM You 

                                       c/o Fed Ex / UPS / USPS 

                                       Their address here 

                                        TO You

                                        c/o Alaska Custom Firearms

                                        8225 Old Seward Highway Suite C 

                                        Anchorage, Alaska 99518 

                                        (Your contact phone number is helpful here) 


When your item arrives, we will call you to let you know of its arrival and set it aside unopened until you come to pick it up. Our hold fee for FROM / TO packages is $20 Please bring your photo ID so that we may verify your identity when you come in to retrieve your package.

Q. I am receiving a firearm from another person who is not a dealer, what to we need in order to ship and receive? 

         a. When your shipper is ready to send out your firearm (s) to you they may take the item(s) to a Fed Ex, UPS, or if it is a long gun USPS. The shipping company is going to need a copy of our license which we can provide by fax or email when the time comes, just have them contact us!  We will need to know from whom the firearm is coming from so please ensure your shipper has followed the following instructions :Affix an envelope to the outside of the package being shipped. Inside the envelope please include a copy of their drivers license or photo id with contact information should we have any questions for them, as well as your contact information so that we may contact you upon your items arrival. Our standard transfer fee is $30 for one firearm, or $50 for multiples arriving at the same time. 

Q. I am moving out of the state and driving/flying to the lower 48 can you help me ship my guns to myself at my new address? 

         a. No problem! We can box up your items for you, or you can bring them in to us prepackaged  (NO ammunition please!) We can ship your firearms directly to your new home ahead of time (Authorized signature required by an adult) or hold them until you arrive! We will even provide you emailed tracking information directly from Fed Ex!  

Q. I am selling or giving my firearm to another person in another state how can I ship my firearm?

         a. Transferring ownership of an item to another state will require a background check by your recipient so they will need to find a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer in their state to ship the package to. Once they have located their dealer you can bring in your item to us and we will arrange the shipment to them from start to finish. We will charge you the shipping charges and a $30 transfer fee for one item, or $50 for multiples. Upon the items arrival your recipient will have to fill out a 4473 form (background check) to receive their item. They will also likely have to pay a transfer fee on their end with their receiving dealer as well. 

Should laws change we will work on updating this information. Further answers can be found here: